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Pronunciation : míng
Meaning :
  1. bright; brilliant; light. (adj)
  2. clear; distinct. (adj)
  3. immediately following in time. (adj)
  4. understand; know. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 8
Traditional :
Usage : 54.6%
1. He has a pair of bright eyes.
yǒu shuāng míng liàng de yǎn jīng
: he
: has
: (numeral) one
: (measure word) pair
明亮 : bright, brilliant
: (preposition) of
眼睛 : eye
2. I don’t see what you mean.
míng bai de si
: I, me
: do not
明白 : understand, realize, know, see
你的 : your
意思 : meaning
3. I will be here tomorrow.
míng tiān huì lái
明天 : next day, tomorrow. ((明年) next year)
: I, me
: be sure to, will, would
: come
4. He’s an understanding person.
shì míng de rén
: he
: is
: (measure word) used before nouns without special measure words of their own
: understand
: reason, logic, truth
明理的 : sensible, reasonable
: person
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6 thoughts on “明”

  1. hi min min, i want to ask you about sentences no.4 why must use “ge”? if i write ta shi ming li de ren. it’s that false? thank you

    1. Hi XianYuSeung,

      You can omit the measure word (个) in this sentence.
      Both sentences are correct.


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