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Pronunciation : jīn
Meaning :
  1. of today; of this year. (n)
  2. now; the present. (n)
  3. modern; present-day. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional :
Usage : 32.8%
1. Today is mom’s birthday.
jīn tiān shì ma de shēng
今天 : today
: is
妈妈 : mother
妈妈的 : mother’s
生日 : birthday
2. I will be more hardworking from now on.
cóng jīn hòu huì gèng jiā
从今以后 : from now on
: I, me
: be sure to, will, would
更加 : more, even more
努力 : hardworking
3. The elderly love to talk about things that happened in both ancient and modern times.
lǎo rén men ài tán lùn jīn
老人 : old man or woman, the aged, the old
: plural marker
: love, enjoy, like
谈论 : discuss, talk about
: ancient times
: modern times
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