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Pronunciation : máng
Meaning :
  1. busy, fully occupied. (adj)
  2. hurry; hasten; make haste. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional :
Usage : 14.1%
1. I was very busy just now.
gāng cái hěn máng
: I, me
刚才 : a moment ago, just now
: very
: (adj) busy
2. Are you busy recently?
jìn lái máng máng
: you
近来 : recently
: (adj) busy
忙不忙 : busy or not busy? (also as 忙吗?)
3. What’s the hurry? Stay a bit longer.
máng shén me zài zuò huìr ba
: you
: (v) busy with
什么 : what
: again
: sit
一会儿 : a little while
: (particle) used at the end of a sentence, to indicate a suggestion
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