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Pronunciation : shēn
Meaning :
  1. body. (n)
  2. life. (n)
  3. oneself; personally. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 7
Traditional :
Usage : 48.3%
1. Recently she has been rather unwell.
jìn lái shēn hěn hǎo
近来 : recently
: she, her
身体 : body
: very
不好 : unwell
2. The fireman showed great courage in rescuing the children.
xiāo fáng yuán fèn shēn yíng jiù hái men
消防员 : fireman
奋不顾身 : (Chinese Idiom) dash ahead regardless of one’s safety
营救 : rescue
孩子 : child
: (plural marker) indicate many children
3. As group leader, you should take charge.
shēn wéi zhǎng yīng gāi rèn lái
: you
: personally
: as
组长 : leader
应该 : should, ought to
: bear
: upwards, up
责任 : responsible
: used as a substitute for verb 负起
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