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Pronunciation : hěn
Meaning :
  1. very; very much;. (adv)
Radical :
Strokes : 9
Traditional :
Usage : 51.9%
1. He is very tall.
hěn gāo
: he
个子 : body size
: very
: tall
2. His English is very poor.
de yīng hěn chà
他的 : his
英语 : English
: very
: poor, bad
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5 thoughts on “很”

  1. Dear Min Min,
    A friend of mine suggested that, it would be a good practice if one can listen to Pinyin during morning/evening walk. Would you know any site where PINYIN IN MP3 FORMAT is available. Whatever i have come across are not readily playable, one has to click on it for every single pronounciation. Thanking You


    1. Hi Dwiti,
      Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to zip the Pinyin MP3 files so that listen during morning / evening walk. Stay tuned.

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