Worksheet 1 – 4

Starting from this week, I will post a Chinese writing worksheet during the weekend in PDF format.

Click on the download button to download Chinese Character Worksheet. “Practice Makes Perfect”.

Worksheet 1:

好 再 见 请 不

Worksheet 2:

早 上 下 午 谢

Worksheet 3:

晚 安 傍 我 你

Worksheet 4:

他 她 它 您 们

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3 thoughts on “Worksheet 1 – 4”

  1. Hello
    Thank you so much for your putting such a great effort on these worksheets and everything else. so useful, thank you so much again.
    unfortunately i couldn’t sign up your site and get the pinyin practice book, is there any problem?

    Best regards

      1. Thank you so much for all your help in learning to communicate in Chinese using the spoken word and Chinese characters.

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