Conversation – Greeting I


Conversation 1
wèi hǎo
David : Hello, Mary!
hǎo wèi
Mary : Hi, David!


Conversation 2
wèi men hǎo ma          
David : How are you? (Mary and her friends)
men dōu hěn hǎo hǎo ma
Mary : We are fine. How are you?
wèi hěn hǎo            
David : I am fine, too.


  1. We have learned “你好!”, which means “hello!” or “hi!”. It is an everyday greeting and can be used at any time, on any occasion and by a person of any social status. The reply should also be “你好”.
  2. “你好吗?” means “How are you?”. It is an everyday greeting which is used between acquaintances. A polite expression such as “我很好” can be used as a reply.
  3. : used after a personal pronoun or a noun referring to a person to form a plural.


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