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Pronunciation :
Meaning :
  1. (third person singular for female) she. (pro)
  2. (她的) her; hers. (pro)
  3. (third-person plural for female (她们)) they; them. (pro)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional :
Usage : 60.0%
1. She’s a distinguished diplomat.
shì jié chū de wài jiāo jiā
: she
: is
一个 : one, a
杰出 : outstanding, remarkable, prominent, distinguished
: (used to form a noun phrase or nominal expression)
外交家 : diplomat
2. Her make-up does not fit her age.
de ban de nián línɡ hěn xiānɡ pèi
她的 : her
打扮 : make up
: and
年龄 : age
: very
: not
相配 : well-matched
3. Whose book is this? It is hers.
zhè shì shuí de shū běn shì de
: this
: is
谁的 : whose
书本 : book
她的 : hers
4. They like shopping.
men huān guàng jiē
她们 : they
喜欢 : like, enjoy
逛街 : shopping, to loiter on the street
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