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Pronunciation : ān
Meaning :
  1. calm; quiet; at ease; stable. (adj)
  2. safe; secure. (adj)
  3. install; fix; fit. (v)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional :
Usage : 41.1%
1. Be quiet, please.
qǐng ān jìng
: please
安静 : quiet, be quiet
2. Please be careful on the roads.
qǐng zhù jiāo tōng ān quán
: please
注意 : pay attention to, take note (or notice) of, beware
交通 : traffic
安全 : safety
3. I wish you a safe journey.
zhù píng ān
: wish
: you
一路 : all the way, throughout the journey
平安 : safe and sound
4. Install a telephone.
ān zhuāng diàn huà
安装 : install, fix
电话 : telephone
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6 thoughts on “安”

  1. 请安静。 = Be quiet please.

    In reference to your example provided, if 安 can covey “safe”

    请安好. = Be safe, please. Is that correct?

    Also what would you say for Be calm, please?

    I ask too much questions because I want to become better <:D

    1. Hi Will,
      We never say 请安好。
      安好 is usually used for greeting.
      祝您安好。 Wish you safe and sound or Wish you well.

      And also to say ” please be calm” in Chinese is “请冷静。” I hope this is what you want to meant.

  2. Minmin why dont you pair your pinyin together when words are formed like other sites will say : ni jiao shenme mingzi? But you would say: Ni jiao shen me ming zi? The thing that confuses me the most while learning chinese is how to determine which characters make words because the chinese dont use spaces.

    1. Hi Padraig,
      I separate each Pinyin because I think that it is easier for readers to read. I have grouped the words on the right hand side panel and explain each word’s meaning. I hope this will help in understanding each Chinese word or character.

      1. Ah that does indeed help, infact I like your format for this than the other sites 🙂
        Sorry for not noticing before. 很好.


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