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Pronunciation : jiàn
Meaning :
  1. see; catch sight of. (v)
  2. meet; call on. (v)
  3. view; opinion. (n)
Radical :
Strokes : 4
Traditional :
Usage : 49.8%
Also as : xiàn
1. I saw a bird.
kàn jiàn zhī xiǎo niǎo
: I
看见 : see
一只 : a, one
小鸟 : bird
2. See you tomorrow.
míng tiān jiàn
明天 : tomorrow
: meet
3. His opinion is correct.
de jiàn jiě hěn zhèng què
: he
他的 : his
见解 : opinion, view
: very
正确 : correct, accurate
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16 thoughts on “见”

  1. Thanks for your good work … i am learning Chinese …. can you tell how to wish ” good day ” in Chinese

    1. Hi Rajagopalan,
      You can say “你好” to greet people.
      Hope you enjoy learning Chinese from my website.

    1. Hi Trieu Vu,
      I’m sorry that I can’t help you to translate your name to Chinese. I can’t pronounce your name.
      If you can write the pronunciation or Pinyin here, maybe I can help to find a good Chinese name for you?

      1. Thank for your efforts.

        – “Triệu” is means Million
        – “Vũ” Is means rainny or windy

        So hope that you can find a good Chinese name relate to my Vietnamese name.


        1. Hi Trieu Vu,
          I think we can translate “Vũ” as 雨 (pronounced as yu) which means rain.
          But I am not sure how to pronounce “Triệu”.

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