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Pronunciation : zài
Meaning :
  1. again; once more; further; over. (adv)
  2. more; to a greater extent or degree. (adv)
  3. then; only then. (adv)
Radical :
Strokes : 6
Traditional :
Usage : 40.1%
1. Please come again tomorrow.
míng tiān zài lái ba
: you
明天 : tomorrow
: again
: come
: used at the end of a sentence, to indicate a suggestion, a request, or a command
2. A bit louder, please.
shēng yīn zài diǎn
声音 : sound, voice
: more
: big, louder
一点 : a bit
3. You can watch TV when you’ve finished your homework.
zuò wán gōng zài kàn diàn shì
: you
做完 : finish
功课 : homework
: then
: watch, see, look
电视 : TV
4. Goodbye!
zài jiàn !
: again
: meet
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18 thoughts on “再”

  1. Hi Min Min, I’m looking at sentence no 3. Isn’t it better to say “你做完功课才可以看电视。” ?

      1. I think, two sentences have different implications.
        In 你 做 完 功 课 再 看 电 视 , the implication is that the subject(he) already watched TV. He was advised to watch again after he finished homework.
        In 你做完功课才可以看电视。sentence, the implication is that he can watch
        TV only if he finished homework.
        This is my 2 cents of thought.

  2. You are welcome, I-dr-noel. My Chinese level is very low. Please do not assume that I am saying right meaning. But, I thank you for your reply.
    Learning different languages is fun but sometimes very frustrating too.

  3. I want to wish you and your familly (and all others on this great site) a Happy Chinese Newyear.

      1. Dear Min Min and all fellows learning Chinese,
        Belated happy Chinese new year to you.
        Chinese new year was on 23rd of Jan. But, I missed to wish you a happy Chinese new year.

    1. Hi Tsoy,
      Thanks for pointing out the difference of the stroke order between the image above and the worksheet.
      The worksheet is the correct stroke order used in China. The image above is used Taiwan.
      I have corrected the image with the correct stroke order.

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